As a subsidiary company of the Ascendance Creative Group (ACG), Nest Spatial Design (Nestsd) focuses in providing clients with professional services in interior design and space planning. The team is helmed by Creative Director, Chad Toh who has more than 10 years of experience in commercial, residential, and retail space design.

Besides having equipped with space planning knowledge and experience and a total accumulative project value of more than 20 million, its presence in ACG enables the team to extend a wide range of knowledge in construction management skills from residential to corporate and even hospitality spaces.

The company also has their very own carpentry workshop located in Singapore.


Services specialised by NestSD 

1. Design Consultancy– Residential / Commercial / Landscape Design

2. Design and Build / Carpentry Services

3. Customised Furnishing

4. 2D CAD Drawings

5. 3D Artist Impression


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Demolish and Build (D&B) is a strong and established team that specialises in hacking, dismantling and reinstate works. They are often the first team to step in during the construction phase of a project. Being a reliant partner for many interior designing companies, both residential, retail and commercial clients for many years, D&B team has been providing guidance to their clients with utmost knowledge in building, electrical and metal structures, experience and efficiency to ensure that the project sites are well started and ready for the next face lift in the shortest time possible.

The workers are HDB and BCA certified, well trained and experienced in handling both residential and commercial sites which include condominiums, landed property, public housing, retail and medical centres. D&B team understands the needs of commercial requirements hence offers both day and night services. 

More services specialised by D&B

1. Supplying labour and material to lay protective layer – For prevention of damages to existing site flooring, wall and fixtures.

2. Soil Excavation

3. Hacking – Concrete Wall (non structural), Floor (cement mortar base, tiles, vinyl etc), Skirting, Asbestos containing structures (Roof, rubbish chute etc)

4. Demolition – Partition wall, Doors

5. Dismantling – Ceiling, Lighting, Air conditioners, Furnitures,  Cabinets, Carpet, Glass Panels, Loose fixtures.

6. Reinstatement – Terminate Existing Electrical Supply, Run Sprinkler back to original plan, Making good floor (grinding and screeding), Painting.

7. Installation of Vinyl

8. Disposal & Haulage – Ensuring debris are well cleared from premises before handling over to client.

9. General Cleaning