(Specialise in Asbesto Removal and Disposal Service)

Asbestos is a natural silicate mineral that is high in tensile strength and resistance to fire, heat and electricity. As such, the application of asbestos was widely use in manufacturing of building materials, like partition walls, ceiling boards, corrugated roofs, electrical insulation and fire proofing products. However, despite its desirable properties, asbestos has a hazardous characteristic of thin fibrous crystals. Each of these individual visible fibres, containing millions of microscopic “fibrills”, roughly .02 the diameter of a human hair, can be released and inhaled to the human lungs during demolition, abrasion or other processes in the removal of the material. Personnels like construction workers, building occupants and even the public on site will be potentially at risk of such exposure. It is evident that these fibres are carcinogenic and prolonged exposure can lead to serious and fatal illnesses to the respiratory system such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Thus, the use of asbestos in building and constructions has been prohibited by the Building Construction Authority and Ministry of the Environment in Singapore since the late 1980s. Nonetheless, this mineral can still be found in many old buildings which are frequently undergoing maintenance and renovations works, causing disruption to asbestos-containing materials, be it intentionally or unintentionally. Hence it is crucial to consult and engage in a certified contractor prior to any maintenance or renovation works done for such buildings and houses.



Our team from Nest Spatial Design (NESTSD) specialises in providing design consultation and space planning for our client who wish to involve space planning in their residential or commercial projects.



Here at ACG, we provide advice and services that help our clients to move into a new office in view of the submission procedures required by building managements.



Clients who wish to work closely with our carpenters, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that furniture is manufactured to our specific design. This ensures that the customer’s premise is furnished to his complete satisfaction.


Through the use of computer aided design, our designers are able to harness their technical skill set to create drawings of our customer’s ideas. This allows us to analyse, modify and optimize a given design so as to ultimately build on the quality of that design.


One of our key strengths lies in producing amazing 3D solutions for our customers. With our competent team of programmers and cg artists, we offer artist impressions to enable our customer to visualize our design proposals.


We design and build carpentry services to ensure no discrepancy between the design phase and construction phase of a project. The smooth transition between these two phases also reduces overall costs and minimizes risks of miscommunication, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


Vinyl is a durable and yet inexpensive choice of flooring to be used today. On top of its characteristic, we also offer wide variety of selection of wood colour grains.